oh, Hello


I'm Diana Helmuth (pronounced "hell - myth")

I am a nonfiction author, freelance writer, startup veteran, podcast producer and cupcake baker. I'm a pretty bad gardener, but I try to do that, too.


In 2021, I am very proud to release How to Suffer Outside: A Beginner's Guide to Hiking and Backpacking at Mountaineers Press. I am also excited to release 50 Places to Practice Yoga Before You Die with Chris Santella at Abrams Books, and be featured in The End of the Golden Gate, an anthology of essays at Chronicle Prism.

Like most writers, writing is not all I do. In the San Francisco Bay Area, I have helped numerous startups with operational growth, customer success, and thoughtful creation of first products. I am currently running knowledge management at the fintech startup Hatch. You can see my full business experience here.

I also produce The Storm Podcast headed by Joanna Robinson (Vanity Fair), Neil Miller (One Perfect Shot) and Dave Gonzales (Thrillist), and have seen it exceed 4 million downloads.

I studied Cultural Anthropology at UC Berkeley and the American University in Cairo under multiple scholarships.

I have an obsession with empathy. You may have seen me dance.

I am on LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram, but I look better on TikTok.


I would (probably) love to hear from you. You can email me at helmuthdiana at gmail.com.